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June 22, 2007


Looking back, even though those firefighters didn't save anymore lives going back into that fire, they have saved more lives around the world who've been touched by this story. Somewhere, I know I am, people are thinking about how we should be more like these brave nine - not to be whatevers in the world, but to make a difference. To be of service and make sacrifices for others. I believe something good will and already has come out of this tragedy.


Nine Less and More

Nine less ordinary men to reach out and to feel,
Nine more men demonstrated extraordinary ideals.
Nine less family men with hearts filled with love,
Nine more with eyes watching and guiding from above.
Nine less pair of firemen's boots billed in the ranks,
Nine more examples inspiring others for which we give thanks.
Nine less laughter and high jinks among friends and brothers,
Nine more memories of good times will be treasured by others.
Nine less whose loss we will always mourn,
Nine more heroes, to look up to, have been born.

Let's remember the "more". I am a proud mother of a Charleston Firefighter

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