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August 07, 2008



Hello, everyone. I'm back from my two-week vacation and quite happy to see so many good entries...

He's a bit of a free spirit, wouldn't you say?

This is a double whammy!!! We lost control of both a son and a good horse.

Those Foster Grants seem to have changed his personality, haven't they?

Well, on the bright side, he is getting excellent gas mileage.

We've got to harness his energy in a more positive way.

Gary Ludwigson


Don't be so hard on him Ma, this could turn out to be a new Olympic sport -- Stead Skating!

Kim Payne
Mt. Pleasant


Try these on:

"That Conover - Always looking to get out of his work."

One trip outside of the fold - and look what happens."

"No you can't marry him...he can't even afford a buggy."

Scott Van Buren
Mount Pleasant


He’s not a bad boy, he’s just Evel.

Isn’t that Brother Knievel’s son?

A sudden stop by Chestnut will wipe the smirk off his face.

That’s the third time this week that horse has pulled a fast one on us.

Tom Dittrich
Daniel Island


Heavens to Betsy, Sarah, it keeps getting harder to keep up with the Jones'.

Terri Vincent


1. Now he’ll never want to ride in the buggy again.
2. I just don’t understand the younger generation.
3. Thank goodness this isn’t an Olympic event.
4. He’d better not be waving at us.
5. I’ll grant you the plowing gets done faster, but the furrows come out too close together.

--Bob Tilidetzke


Oops -- I had a typo in the first try for this one.

Don't be so hard on him Ma, this could turn out to be a new Olympic sport -- Steed Skating!

Kim Payne
Mt. Pleasant


" Amos, no buggy license for you. You are just showing off with those rollie wheels."

"Amos, you will need at least a buggy to marry our daughter. Rollerskates will just not do."

by Sunny Cook Summerville


Welcome back, Dan! Missed you but hope you had a super restful and fun time!

1) "What's next--a Harley, then (sigh) a car?"

2) "You thinkin' what I am, Martha? Reality show here we come!"

3) "I saw this coming when he trashed the buggy!"

4) "I feel as though I'm watching an episode of Twilight Zone!"

5) "Next to go, the beard and the hat, then it's all down hill!"

6) "Are them those 'on line' skates we've been hearin' about?"

7) "I'll have a little 'heart to heart' with him if he makes it home alive!"

8) "Well, Martha, the torch has been passed to the next generation, or has it been 'passed over'?"

9) "That's our son, the innovator--what's next, do you think?"

10) "That's the fastest he's moved since he learned how to crawl!"

11) "I don't remember that being one of his chores."

12) "I saw this coming the day he made that go-cart with our buggy wheels!"

Annette Bonin
West Ashley


"He said something about the Amish X-Games?"

Woody Butler of Hanahan


OOPS - He forgot to diaper the horse.

There goes our run-a-way horse with our run-a-way son---Peace--Peace at last!

Well look at that-- one has the runs; the other has the rolls.

Lele Stuntebeck Mt. Pleasant


" I don't think the Elders are going to go for this Amish X-Games idea."

"Maybe we should tell him that I just gave that horse a laxative."

"If that horse stops suddenly it will take both of us to pull him out."

" He calls it Amish Speedskating."

The reason that horse is running so fast is that I just gave him a laxative."

"He's training to be a champion water skier."

"It's the Amish version of water skiing."

Mark Gray
Wilmington, NC


"I wonder if he thought about how he'll brake?"

"He thinks he's come up with a new Olympic event."

"Kid these days are up to no good."

"It's his version of off-road."

S. Murray


When we went to town, I told you we should not have gone to those skating and water skiing events.

Tim Hobby


Looks like our son traded our old buggy for a faster ride to school!

Jane Skinner
Goose Creek


1. "You should see him plow!'

2."She said she caught him horsing around, I had no idea!"

3."It runs on PINTO BEANS!!"

4."Let him go mama, he is a big boy now!"

5."He always gets the newest model each year!"

6."Maybe we can CARPOOL!"

7."There goes the neighborhood!"

8."WOW! 1 horsepower and its gets 100 mpg, I want one!!!"

Peggy Brockman


" Amos, no buggy license for you. You are just showing off with those rollie wheels." by Sunny Cook Summerville


"Amos, you will need at least a buggy to marry our daughter. Roller skates will not do."
by Sunny Cook Summerville


"Smart aleck! Hootin' and hollerin'! Just wait till he tries to stop."

"When I was a kid my car had over 300 horsepower--still, it wasn't a convertible."

"I told Jesse to have her home by midnight. Hayin's tomorrow, and I don't want her
all tired out."

David Hirsch, Summerville


"Who said the Old Grey Mare ain't what she used to be?"

"Ma, Brother Jed's just feeling his oats!"

"I guess that's what they call Horse Power!"

"Ma, that must be what they call living in the Fast Lane!"

June Griggs


1. That's the closest he'll get to that Mustang convertible he wants

2. That boy is just too lazy to hitch up the buggy

3. It it appears that boy got into the hemp again

4. I warned you about pushing that boy around in a stroller

5. I hope that horse is house trained

6. Please don't tell him that horse used to be a pegasus before we clipped its wings

Joseph McGill, Jr., Charleston


“A sudden stop by the mare will put an end to his shenanigans.”


“When the mare comes to the end of the lane, he’ll wish he had a longer rope.”

Larry Duncan, Walterboro


My caption:

" Life sure has changed for Obediah since he hooked up with that pretty young filly !"

Hagood Potter


These darn kids today in their Amish sports cars....

Rob Turner


Look at that Otto. No respect for tradition.


Darn kids. They just want all of those modern conveniences


Yeah, but he can plow 47 acres an hour.

"I doth believe Jonathan hath misunderstood what a 'jackass pulling' contest means."

-- Jerry Bauman
In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.


I'll be checking back in just before the 5 p.m. deadline...

“It’s better than the naked butter churning contest!”

Justin Mann
North Charleston


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