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July 17, 2008



The summer slump has arrived, at least judging by the pace of today's contest entries. Slow going so far, but of course I'll be checking back later and taking entries right up to the 5 p.m. deadline.

"OK, the bad news is a visual. The good news is that there is only one way to go now; up.

-- Walter OBrien (Dick)

Galatians 5:16
I say then, walk by the Spirit and
you will not carry out the desire
of the flesh.


I put up the smilely face to make it better than it looks.

--Tim Hobby


Oh, and for the record: I drew this on Tuesday, without realizing that as I was drawing, President Bush and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke were giving their dueling public appearances on the state of the U.S. economy.

Just kinda spooky, if you asked me. Which you didn't.


Here's what came in over the weekend:

This presents an opportunity for y'all to shine.

Irving S. Rosenfeld



Here they are.

1. As this chart plainly shows, our opportunities are going through the roof.

2. Sorry, Chief, but I’m going to need another sheet of paper.

3. I recommend that we lower our price for a cup of coffee all the way down to $6.

Bob Tilidetzke


I think its upside down

emily dagostino mt.pleasent


Hey Dan, thought I'd give this another few tries.....

1. "It's more of a 'Grin & Bear It' Market."

2. "Don't worry, if it still hasn't bottomed out, we have another sheet of paper."

Do you still award a "Too Much Free Time" t-shirt?



" Try not to panic. Remember the statistics prof that told us stats can be misleading and inaccurate."

by Sunny Cook Summerville.


"In these days of flip-flopping, we've got a flop!"

"Maybe this looks better in Australia!?"

"Hanging chads were nothing compared to this!"

S. Murray


We figure the only way you will keep your job is if we show that we haven't hit rock bottom.

Be glad that the presentation wasn't printed in Portrait mode.

If you don't do something we will have to buy a taller easel.

That paper represents our losses since we had this printed yesterday.

The Opportunity is that we have room to tack on more paper at the bottom.

Someone obviously wants you fired.

The Forecasting Group just revised your presentation.

The Shareholders just tacked on your personal income estimate for next period.

Mark Gray
Wilmington, NC


Looks like one hell of an opportunity. Bill Lutz. Elloree


I am only responsible for the smiley face Sir, not the fiscal year.

That smiley face belongs to last year's fiscal year,Sir.

Well Sir, I must be truthful, this smiley face did not work well at my last job either.

-- Lele Stuntebeck Mt. Pleasant



I'm embarrassed to even submit such pitiful captions this week but the old brain wasn't spitting out anything really clever...guess my evening red wine is killing off those grey cells! It's a trade-off at this juncture!

1) "On the 'up' side, we still have almost 6 months left!"

2) "If Walmart can do it, so can we, even though I hate that smiley face!"

3) "You may be seeing 'red' right now, but there's change in the air!"

4) "This add-on is just someone's idea of a joke---we can't get any lower!"

5) "Maybe our new chart should read 'CRISIS=LAYOFFS'!"

6) "I say 'chuck the chart, file a Chapter 11 and be done with it', folks!"

7) "I see our Smiley Face hasn't done the job for us."

8) "Perhaps our employees feel 'CRISIS=UNEMPLOYMENT'!"

9) "This incentive plan is definitely NOT making it!"

10) "As you can see, not many of the Government's Stimulus checks came our way!"

Annette Bonin, West Ashley


“It’s time to invest in a taller easel.”

Larry Duncan, Walterboro


Dan --

This hits close to home.

"I felt sure Delta Air Lines would head north after the bankruptcy."

Dick Fulmer, retired captain, Delta Air Lines (31 years)


Just a note of wisdom from Gladys Fulton, Summerville:

"IF you have two quarters to rub together, KEEP THEM."


Good stuff, folks. I'll be taking entries up to 5 p.m. this afternoon.

The last ones in:

"On the bright side: This company owns lots of stock in paper and red ink!"

"Fannie Mae not!"

S. Murray


My Entries:

If crisis is opportunity then we've just hit the jackpot!

We have decided to fire our accounting firm, Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.

Looking on the bright side, if we get deep enough into debt, the
government will bail us out.

Our treasurer is on extended vacation with his new wife somewhere in
Europe and could not be here.

We have hired Mr. Greenspan to explain to us how deficit spending is actually a good thing.

Marc Batten, West Ashley


Finalists in a few minutes...

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