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July 03, 2008



Here's hoping everyone had a great Independence Day weekend.

They thought the Grand Prize was the key to a new Chevrolet!!! Adah Brewer Pinopolis Chevy once had an advertisement "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet"


Shouldn't it be "VETTE" instead of VOTE?

Kim Payne
Mt. Pleasant

(You know Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet)


"Expensive? Not really...it was made in China, of course."

"Of course, they all want government jobs after the election."

"Well Ted, I finally got jobs for ALL your constituents"

Tim Riordan


"Where's the other 0.3 kid?"

-- David Lupo


This is the design for the new mandatory politician lapel pin

Rhame Nelson


" This is a group you can depend on. I aim to hang out with them."

by sunny cook summerville, south carolina



Here are some captions for the 7/4/08 cartoon.

1. Senator, it’s folks like these you’re going to need to win, not the tobacco lobby.
2. Better hire a new PR person; the Patriots are a football team.
3. Simply appealing to “Mom’s apple pie” and “America’s pass time” won’t get you elected anymore.
4. Sorry, but the primaries are over.

Bob Tilidetzke


These people are the best I could get for the campaign for President!



And we're off and running on another week of "fun and games" with Dan!

1) "Baseball, hot dogs and apple pie? I see 'tarnished, carcinagenic and fattening'!"

2) "Check it out ...is this a 'pretty picture' for the electorate?"

3) "P.R.-wise, this is the pits!"

4) "Better bring in the 'Think Tank"---this image is depressing!"

5) "Sir, this concept went out with the Studebaker!"

6) "Don't expect a big turnout at the polls with this antiquated concept!"

7) "We can 'tweak' it a little but considering the economy, it's pretty right on!"

8) "I'm thinking change: fat free yogurt, tofu weiners, ipods for the kids, and a blue bird of happiness!"

9) "This is definitely outmoded--put them all in a hybrid, give 'em cell phones and scratch the eagle!"

10) "From a P.R point of view, this 'American Dream" is more like a nightmare!"

11) "I don't see this as representational of the next 4 years, sir."

12) "Replace this one with smiling starlets in a hybrid, and a Dove of Peace flying alongside--then we're talking 'Dreams'!"

13) "I think you'll find the voters' viewpoint of their 'dreams' has changed quite a bit, Sir!"

14) "Yes, I think it's time to say 'Bye, Bye Miss American Pie'!"

15) "Sir, I think you'll agree a very large majority of voters won't even RELATE to this image!"

Annette Bonin
West Ashley


My Entry:

I'm afraid their campaign theme is going to be hard to beat with our
"Clean Air" theme, Congressman Jones.

Marc Batten, West Ashley


"Where are all the signs? We don't even have a 'No Smoking' one here."

Eloise G. Gowder, Moncks Corner


Dear Mr. Conover,

I am writing to you to send my captions, as an entry to the "Caption Contest," as was noted in The Post and Courier Friday.


#1. Let's vote to put aside:
over-eating, such as apple pie and hotdogs
drinking, strong drinks
smoking, cigarettes, cigars and pipes
Concentrate on healthy habits:
foods: quantity and types
activities: sports and walking

#2. Support strength as an eagle
putting behind over-eating
such as apple pie and hotdogs
smoking and strong drink
Look around to an active
healthy future

Thank you for your attention to this entry.

Bernice Magoulas, Charleston


I'll be taking entries up to the 5 p.m. deadline.


The last bunch...

Why can't all four be your running mate?

Jen Grant
West Ashley


"I think they're upset because we don't have lapel pins."

"If you expect to get elected you have to learn to schmooze with folks like these."

Perry Hudel, Summerville


Dan -- this is a HARD one--

Yes Senator, I know this platform is outdated but it will get you elected.
Senator, how do you like this 'chicken in every pot' platform for your campaign?

Lele Stuntebeck Mt. Pleasant


I'm inclined to agree with Lele: This one was too difficult, particularly for a three-day weekend. It didn't produce our usual number of entries.

Que sara sara.

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