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January 10, 2008



Today's entries:

"Look, Red, Don't waste your time on me. I happen to know the
Woodsman regularly watches Al Jeezira"

John Decock


“OK, Grandma. You want to tell me what you know about a missing wolf and five chickens?”

Ronald Theiling


Fes up!! 1st fhe pork rinds and now the red hood. You're caught.

Theresia Sanders


How did we know? The 3 pigs squealed!

--Jesse Utter


You're with the FBI huh? I'm working undercover for PETA. Where are your grandma's chickens?

Roger A. Redford
Goose Creek


“We have reason to believe you’re not who you say you are.”

“We’d like you to go undercover for us.”

“Sorry to bother you ma’am. We’re looking for a big dog, possibly a coyote, about your height and weight, seen recently in the neighborhood.”

“Go ahead, huff and puff….make my day.”

“No really, eating people is against the law.”

“All the better the cuff you with.”

--David Dubay


“My client is innocent, I tell you.”

Ronald Theiling


I've got two this week:

"You can't arrest me, I'm an endangered species."

But this might be more topical:

"Who cares if I ate Grandma? If you touch me, I'm calling PETA."

Tom Ritsch
Mount Pleasant


More entries when I check the mail on Monday... Have a great (and creative) weekend...

I have three submissions, also sent you a email, not sure which place to post. I'm a first timer here.

For me? A Free Botox Injection giftcard! How yummy!

I'm guessing that's not the Free Botox Injection giftcard I've been waiting on.

Can I just ask, who did your lips sweetie?


"Can you SEE me better now GRADMA?"

"Is this close enough for you, Grandma?"


Here's what I found in my inbox this morning...

Caption for "What a Big Badge you Have...":

"Freeze, Grandma. I'm a Female Body Inspector!"

By Riley Csernica


1_ i don't know why your smiling i'm here to bust your furrie butt.

2_ no it does't stand for ' fine blonde incoming'

3_ ok you smiling hypocrite you mean you loved the way they tasted.

4_ what do you mean you like my cocoon wrap?

5_ draw you tongue back in beast this is not a social call.

6_ what do you mean you've been expecting me? and i don't like that look.

wally parker
n chas.sc


I was hoping for that cute Chris Hanson on NBC.

-- Chris Hitopoulos


"You're with the Furry But Insane Agency?!"


"Oh, thankgoodness. I thought you were with AARP."

S. Murray
W. Ashley


"We have reason to believe that you, Grandma, have ties to Al-Qaeda."

Jannette Finch


" Give it up Grandma,we know you have been using steroids!'


"We intercepted your text, I love my grand kids, they taste kinda like chicken!!"

--Peggy Brockman



Here we go again; this time for the 1/11/08 cartoon.

1. Oh. You must be a double agent.

2. My, what a big badge you have.

3. Me? Oh, I’m just keeping the bed warm for Grandma.

4. Cross my heart and hope to die; I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to work on getting her get-up into the caption somehow.

Bob Tilidetzke



I was just letting her get in touch with her inner self?


What big F. B."eyes" you have.

--Peggy Todd



Here are some more for 1/11/08.

1. I may have on a woman’s nightgown, but it beats that weird outfit you’re wearing!

2. Nightgown? Yes. But at least I’m not wearing a cocoon.

3. Cross my heart and hope to die, I wouldn't lie to the FBI.

Bob Tilidetzke


P.S. My girl friend says she wants equal time getting on the list. So here is her entry.

You don’t look so little to me, Red.

Marilyn Oakes
N. Charleston


" ... and what a big-time LAWYER you're gonna need, grandma!"

Patrick Briggs


Thanks for the entries, and keep them coming...

And to Shay (above in comments) -- Thank you, I got your e-mail version, too.


The final entries...

"But my dear, what basket???"

Jerry I. Golubow, Charleston


" Come on, now, why the long face? You of all people should know how hard these undercover jobs are. I just had to change my disguise a little."

thank you for reading this. sunny cook summerville, south carolina


"Surprised? I'm not the only one undercover,Brick Boy squealed on You!"

-- Peggy Brockman


"My green card? My dog ate it."

entered by Betty Chittum:


Regarding your comment in Friday's paper, my perspective was that of a retired pilot. On to this week:

"My, my, how you've grown."

"My, what big badges you have."

"Are you certain you're 'Little' Red Riding Hood.?"

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?"

--Perry Hudel, Summerville


"Is this going to have a Grimm ending?"

S. Murray
W. Ashley


That's the entries. Now on to pick five finalists...

brenda h

wolf:Hey....wait a minute!Are you sure this part of the witness protection program will work for me?

Lady: Trust me..I am the FBI!

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