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January 31, 2008



Here's what came in today...

Hi Dan,
heres a few of my captions...

-"I don't know what I'll do if the Patriots lose the superbowl."
-"The primaries are killing me!"
-"and to top it all off, my hat shrank 2 sizes."

Ben Bodek


...and to tell you the truth, I don't even know what "Four Score and seven years" actually means!
Kat Phillips


"It started with a feeling I was losing things."

Tomi Walker
Isle of Palms


Well.....it all began in 1776

--Jesse Utter


Really, Dr. I just need enough Prozac to get through the Primaries.

--Roger Redford


“I’m nearly 232 years old, I’m in debt up to my ears, and when I say ‘I want YOU!’, people just don’t listen anymore.”

Don Burdett
Santee, SC 29142


"It's just not working anymore, Doc. The lobbyists have taken over."

I'm submitting the above caption for the cartoon with Uncle Sam.

Max Bennett
Folly Beach


"My whole life has been all about, 'I Want You'. Well... nobody wants me."

Phil Bennett
Mt. Pleasant


What do you mean, how does it make me feel? I feel like a nobody........my nieces and nephews don't know I exist!

Deborah G. Young
[email protected]


Actually, I was for the presidential debates before I was against them.

Peggy Todd :)
Charleston, SC


"It all started in 1776..."

"It's the Statue of Liberty Doc, she's laughing at me, I know it."

"So with the crop of candidates this time I've been contemplating ending it all..."

"...and ever since the Harlem Globetrotters stole my costume I feel like I've lost myself."

~Amanda Faulkner

I'd call that low-volume, high-quality. Have a great weekend and check in Monday for updates.

Wow. We started off with a strong Friday and then the weekend just upped the ante. I'm not looking forward to trying to cut this week's list down to five. YOWSA!

"Nobody wants ME!!"

-- Marjorie Croker, Summerville


"I worry about my nephews in Iraq."

-- Shirley Nadzak


"I get like this every once in a while, Doc."

"I get like this every once in a while, Doc. Please help me before it gets worse."

"I don't know how to get over this, Doc."

"I've got the whole world on my shoulders, Doc."

"I've got the whole world on my shoulders, Doc. How do I get them off?"

--Shirley Adkins, Hollywood


1. "So an increase in the GDP will be the cure? And you say this so called GDP stands for ... Get a Democratic President?"

2. "So you say it's a case of recession depression...tell me there's a pill for that?!"

3. "So I just need to find out what Gerald Ford, Reagan, and the Bush boys have in common and I'm cured?"

4. "Iraq, oil, Bernacki, Bush...I totally ignored the symptoms!"

Chris Myers
Summerville, SC


"I can't stay in this office 24-7, and that's what it would take."

Lu Ann Shaw
James Island


"Honestly, I just never thought electile dysfunction would happen to me."

S. Murray
W. Ashley


Well, just tell me how YOU feel.

-- Theresia Sanders


"He said, she said! November 5th can't get here fast enough!"

submitted by Carol Musselman


Here are three possibilities:

" It's pretty hard to look at all those tattoos and tongue piercings and say 'I want YOU.'"

" But Doc, I MUST have a split personality if you listen to Hillary and Mitt."

" But I'm AFRAID of ponies"

Mike Harper
Mt Pleasant SC


They quit calling Tom, "Uncle Tom",so why do they
continue calling me "Uncle Sam?" What's wrong with
Mr.Sam? "It keeps me up at night,Doc."

-- M.Lemacks, Walterboro,SC


Want, want want! I'm tired of doing all the wanting, why doesn't anybody want me?

Kathee Hering


I don't know what happened...I was only spending a billion a day on the war...

I probably should have held on to Greenspan!

I'm broke...will medicare cover this?

-- Ted Bryant


I keep having this recurring nightmare. Hillary gets elected and I get replaced as national icon by my evil twin, Samantha.

David B. McCormack, Esquire
Buist Moore Smythe McGee P.A.


"Ever since the twins died life has seemed so complicated".

I realize this caption may be misinterpreted so i want to clarify: My intent
is in no way to make light of the horrible tragedy that was 9/11. My point is
that i feel we are a country that even today is still struggling to come to grips
with its impact and figuring out how to best move forward. If you feel I will
be misunderstood and decide to not put this out there i'll understand.

(ed. note: no problem -- dc)

dave klugman
north charleston


"I'm Bushed! I don't think I can make it another year!"

David Hubbard
Mt Pleasant, SC


"I just think changing the Statue of Liberty to Spanish is going to far!"

S. Murray
W. Ashley


"The truth is Doc, I don't want anybody!'

-- Peggy Brockman


Entry 1

When I asked everyone to support the Patriots, I did not mean the New England Patriots!

Entry 2

Doc, I'm troubled, even though I am very patriotic, I am, at heart, a New York Giants Fan!

Entry 3

Doc, what I am struggling with is the irony with the pay of the true patriots, (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc.) as compared to the ones from New England.

Keith Rowland
Summerville, SC 29483


I'll be taking entries up to 5 p.m. Great job so far, y'all.

Some more...

Marilyn Oakes from North Charleston

(1) Doc, I'm a little disturbed over this "Hill--Billy"

(2) Doctor, for some reason I feel I'm not getting
through to you!!!


1. "My wants turned into needs,now I'm co-dependent."

2. "All I really wanted was a nice desk job."

3. "Ive not worked since my last gig."

4."Who knew my career would consist of ONE LINE and ONE OUTFIT!!!'

-- Peggy Brockman


"Tell me again, how many days till the election?"

"I just can't get past the fact that Patriots are losers."

"I just never before thought that Patriots could be losers."

Perry Hudel, Summerville

Setting up the finalists now...

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