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January 03, 2008



The early birds:

Looks like the Prozac we slipped in the Red Baron's water supply is working.

-- wsaunders


"That must be the Australian pilot!"

S. Murray
W. Ashley


1) "See! I told the Colonel ALL the planes needed a navigator!"

2) "He's getting ready to drop the candy bars and stockings out."

3) "The Air Force only lets pilots with equilibrium have guns."

Randy Henderson


The following is my submission for this week’s subject caption contest:

“Sometimes you feel like a nut!!”

Submitted by:

Les Callahan of Goose Creek





"What's up Baron?"

"The plane from Spain flies mainly in disdain!"

"It's plane to see, he's upset with me."

"Straighten up and fly right, young man!", your mother is "(mort)iflied"

Captain Caption from Hollywood



More frivolity...

“Oh look- it’s the Swiss.”

--Jennifer Holstein


Thank Goodness..... they finally put that Red Barron on PROZAC!!!

-- Jesse Utter


"At Last ... We Meet Again, Baron von SillyPants!"

Patrick Briggs, Hanahan


With Bombs bursting in air, he wanted to make sure our flag was still there.

Herbert S. Goldberg, Charleston


"Hey Mav,ya think this guy's been watchin' Top Gun?"


"Hey Mav, do think the enemy got hold of a copy of Top Gun?"

--Kathleen Homan


"Wrong way" Corrigan takes his act to new heights.

--Irving S. Rosenfeld


Here are the final entries:

1. "SHOWOFF, I hope he looses his change!"
2. "He's part of my anger management class!"
3. "He in the SMILE HIGH CLUB, showoff!"
4. "Just wait until he realizes I replaced his machine gun with a water pistol!"
5."Watch out he'll shoot you with his water gun!"

--Peggy Brockman


"NO, I can't Shoot! The Captain told us not to shoot until you see the smiley face on the side of the plane!"

David Hubbard
Mt Pleasant


"If he's not upside down we're in BIG trouble."

"Don't pay Fritz any attention - he's always showing off."

"Fritz has to be the friendliest enemy I have ever seen."

Perry Hudel, Summerville


Snail Mail:

Steve Price from Headquarters Island: "Something leads me to believe our opposition is a bit overconfident."

Iris Eagan from Summerville: "Smile, you're on Candid Camera!"

Sherry Ivy of Mount Pleasant: "Correction of caption contest picture - incorrectly shown upside down. Smile :-( "

Eugene Black of Kingstree: "Looks like the Red Baron is on the sauce again."


"So much for German engineering. They installed that guy's insturments upside down."

-- Jack Gable, Hanahan


"It's times like this that I resent these creative types." Thank you for reading this. Sunny Cook Summerville, South Carolina


"He must be on his way to the Beer Garden."

Justin Mann
North Charleston


Since the Stars of the Letters to the Editor get a luncheon and the Golden
Pen Award, perhaps the Caption Contest winners could be invited to the
Golden Crayon Awards? Just a thought.

Justin Mann


"Look Bob's bragging about finnaly being a member of the mile high club!'
Kathye McGregor


No. 1
Don't laugh...I get an extra two miles per gallon this way !

No 2
Up here it's OK...The landing is a little iffy.

-- Ted Bryant


"Remember Doolittle? That's do-little."

"He must have a good head wind."

S. Murray
W. Ashley


Dan, I am sure you have received tons of variations on this:

"Hey, that Fokker is flying a Friedrichshafen G.III!"

(Many might have quoted the old joke and said he was "flying a Messerschmidt" but that was a WWII plane and NOT the name of a WWI German aircraft. I love Google.)

Chuck (Boyd)


Gosh, I didn’t know Wal-Mart had a dog in this fight.

Ronald Theiling



"Looks like that Dale Carnegie training really got thru to Captain Reilly"

David Nance
Mt. Pleasant


Its that Red Baron showoff saying he can shoot all of us down with one hand tied behind his back.

-- Ernnie Berger Seabrook Island



Captions for the 1/4/08 cartoon.

1. If you ask me, his outlook is WAY too positive.

2. Hey, buddy, this isn’t the “Friendly Skies” here!

3. He gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Fly the friendly skies.”

4. I’ll say this for him, he can make a cloudy day seem sunny.

5. Gees, I hate it when he does that!

6. O, that reminds me, my wife wanted me to pick up a pineapple upside down cake on the way home.

7. I’m positive I’ve seen this guy before.

8. I frown upon that kind of behavior.

Bob Tilidetzke



Finalists in a few minutes...

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