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October 26, 2007



Today's captions:

I called I.T. about "IT".


I didn't mind when it only waved, but now it's getting fresh.


It sure looks like my ex's hands to me.


We were teleconferencing, and then...

Rhame Nelson

"I'm working on a real hands-on project!"

--Darlene Cotterman
Walterboro, SC


"OK, Please tell me this is NOT what you meant by us having a more HANDS ON approach towards our job!"


"These new virtual reality conference meetings make you feel like you are right there!"

Diana Esser


"My new boyfried is all hands"

Lois M. Duchene


I got this operating system from the dollar store…….

Wannetta Mallette
North Charleston


1. "Your new hands-on training program needs a revision."

2. "Is this what they meant by 'you will be working for a hands-on manager'?"

3. "I'm not sure, but we may have found Jimmy Hoffa."

4. "This guy wants me to elevate his help request to 'Right ******* Now!', but I don't see that option."

5. That computer virus you "fixed" has morphed into this. I'll wait in the break room.

6. They call it MySpace, and I want mine back.

7. Quality Control is rejecting your new Sex Offender Registry program.

8. Mr. Ogden at headquarters asked that I find you immediately.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I hope you will have, are having, or did have a nice weekend.

Stan Churchwell
Summerville (aka Flowertown in the Pines)


"I think this 'Simple Life' game is getting a little to real for me."

-- Kristin Hackler


"I tell you - Don, Bart, Brian 'Dan', I'm not paranoid - but there is a paranoid after me!"

"What a handy screen saver!"

"It's just another of those government 'hand out' programs!"

Formerly Doc Hollywood


Good start, and some new names, too. Hmmm... Let's see what the regulars do with this one... More captions on Monday, I'm sure.


"First he asked to speak to my supervisor, but now I think he wants a more 'hands on' approach!"


Sorry this is slow in getting posted today. I took a vacation day to take my son on a college visit, but the caption contest waits for no man!

A personal note: This week's crop of captions is just fantastic. Thank you all. The only downside is it's going to make picking five finalists really difficult. There are at least 20 deserve to win, much less be listed. So congratulations to all of you!

"Is this part of the company cutback?"


"Is this a Hands On experience?"

June Griggs


"What do you think of my new screen saver?"

Carol Tidwell
Mt. Pleasant


"Don't you think this is carrying e-harmony.com a bit too far?"

"It's just an old boyfriend who wants me back."

"I don't care if it was my fault that it crashed, I am not going to hug it."

Perry Hudel


"wow, Jack really came through when I asked him for a hand with
this project!"

Nancy Gorlesky
991 Clearspring Drive


"I said could you lend me A HAND not two!"


"It's a second hand computer can you tell?"


"You warned me Bob was all hands!"


"The ad did say HANDS ON training!"


"Whos hand-me down is this!"


" If I wanted a hand I would have asked!"


"I said I need help with this computer call a manicurist!"


"My new assistant is hands above the rest!' or

'Thanks for asking Bob,but I have a hand on things!"


"Were going green it is hand powered"

Peggy Brockman


So, if re-booting doesn't get rid of it, should I try re-gloving?

Mike Donoghue
Summerville, SC


R20;I meant to click on Instant Messaging – not


Sandra Hughes



1. And that guy in accounting can’t seem to keep his hands off of me either!

2. See those hands? They’re going to smack you right in the head if you don’t leave me alone.

3. Is it supposed to do that when I turn it on?

4. I know that computers are supposed to be handy, but this is ridiculous.

5. That’s Quinby from payroll. Quick help me pull him out, today is payday!

6. Is this all that’s left of the guy I’m replacing?

7. Look, you’re the tech genius around here. Can you give me a hand fixing my computer?

8. Is this one of those new digital monitors?

9. I’m definitely filing a sexual harassment suit over this!

10. Isn't it usually the head that's mounted?
Oh, this? It's my new digital monitor.

Bob Tilidetzke



"I even tried hand sanitizer, but this virus keeps coming back."

--Wendy Kelly,IOP


See? I told you I had hands-on experience.

Peggy Todd
Charleston, SC


" It's that dry skin time of year, and we're supposed to apply some hand lotion when this happens."

My name is Sunny Cook, Summerville


"This new monitor just doesn't grab me."

Susan Murray

W. Ashley


“He’s signaling that our inkjet cartridge is empty. Says he’ll be glad to write everything down. We just need to hand him a pen.”

“This new DELL always reminds me to begin by limbering up my fingers.”

“It’s one of those new David Copperfield games. ‘Nothing in my hands. Nothing up my sleeves. Yada yada.’””

“It’s that Yao Ming basketball game. I think now we’re supposed to pass him the ball.”

Cal Zoncillos


1) "I was starting to like this guy I met on MySpace, but he's gotten out
of hand."

2) "Yeah, his MySpace page said he was an 'outside the box'kind of guy."

3) "When he said he'd like 'my space to interact with his space'I never
expected it to go THIS FAR!"

Carmen Mikolajcik



1. "A guy from some online catalog store says he needs to take my measurements.”

2. “I’m afraid my touch-typing tutor is getting a bit too friendly.

3. “Uh oh, I think he’s signaling that the hard drive is about to go.”

4. “That guy I met yesterday on the Internet insists on feeling for himself that I truly am a woman.”

5. “Do we really need Salsa dance lessons?”

6. “Well, yeah, Harry’s on our Buddy List. But this is ridiculous.”

7. “Quick! Hand him a tissue! Poor guy’s about to sneeze!”

Jan Beaujon


"See Don...I mean Dan, I told you that the Democrats were going to tax
the Internet."

Roger A. Redford


That's it for this week: Finalists in a few minutes...

Some late arrivals, which didn't make the voting cut-off, but are still very funny:

"Watch those roamin' fingers Conover and tell Copperfield to keep them wanderin' mitts away from my pits!"

-- Rochelle Sigel Smith, West Ashley


"Just because he laid out more than 300 bucks on our date last night doesn't give him the right to touch anything."

-- Naomi Toques, Charleston


"What makes you think four hands are better than two?"

-- Colleen S. Finch, Moncks Corner


"This software forgoes a password in favor of the secret handshake."

-- Amanda Faulkner


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