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May 18, 2007



Here are the early entries:

"That's the home of Lord Bluebeard. He's 'new money.'" --Patrick R. Briggs ***

from jsmy754:

"They couldn't fly that over the state house in Columbia"

"Politicians are so subtle"

"Let's patch things up with the Hooks and go to the Captain's treasure hunt"

"This neighborhood has changed so much since the Enron scandal"

So the dog says, "I love walking the Planks!"


"Camilla, must you always fly that flag when my Mom visits?"
-- Bob Inglett

"I'm so glad we were able to exchange our week in Orlando for a week at the Dick Cheney resort!”
-- Wannetta Mallette

from Judi Berry:

"Some 'bin yahs' just have to rub it in."


"I hear they've been asked to move that to the Statehouse grounds."

More goodies, as they arrive...


Entries that have arrived since Friday afternoon:

"Marge, this dog won’t hunt." --Tim McGee


"They seem like nice people, but I'm just not sure this new immagration bill is going to cover them"
-- Neal Oldford, Mount Pleasant

"'Well Emma, I see the Captain is back in town.'

'And how do you know that Ben?'

'He has his ships flag flying over his home, and the neighborhood smells of rum.'

'Okay, so why are you caring your shotgun?'

'To protect you and ole buck from those scallywags'"

--Matthew Hayes

"Some new neighbors may not advertise their will to seize our booty… after dinner, my husband likes us to exercise the 2nd amendment."
--Sally LaMonica, Summerville

"There goes the neighborhood."
-- Beth Baldwin, McClellanville

"Don't you just love how our housekeeping staff lets me know that your mother has arrived?"

-- Mark Gray, Wilmington, N.C.

"There's really no need to keep your gun trained on our little Muffy, dear. I'm sure she won't attack Captin Jack's cat again."
-- Bob Tilidetzke


"I see Mrs. Blackbeard's husband is home again."


"The last dog that went to the bathroom on their lawn was found marooned Capers Island."

Rick Steuer, Mount Pleasant

"Anne Bonny's Great, Great,, Great, Great, Great Granddaughter demands respect!"


"So what if Eddie Teach sowed a few wild oats. I'm still proud of my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather!"


"If you've got colorful Ancestry flaunt it!"
-- June Griggs, North Charleston

"That's not going to help your relationship with Mother!"
--Susan Murray, Charleston

"Honey, you didn't have to bring your gun. He's not a real pirate; that's the new law school flag!"
--Joe Tallon, Summerville

"I tell you Angus.....Depp, Schmepp, it's just not right."


"You know, I can live with it on the house, but when he hangs it from his rear view mirror to get a handicapped spot, just because of an eye patch and hook, I think that's going too far."


"Actually, I feel sorry for the guy.... As a young man, his hand was bitten off by a shark and a few weeks later he lost an eye because a bird pooped in it. When I told him I had never heard of anyone losing an eye because of bird poop, he explained........ It was his first day with the hook!"

--Jeff Jacobs, IOP

Remember, there's still time to get your entries in. I'll be taking them until Tuesday at 5 p.m. -- dc


From the snail mail box:

"I see our neighbor Roger has gone jolly again."
--Carl Nadrasy, Mount Pleasant

"This is not Fenwick Castel/Hall" (Lord Edward Fenwick was a "Red Seaman", Ann Boney was his mistress, and Blackbeard's partner. His brother was John Fenwick -- thus "Johns Island."
--David Blanchard, born & raised at Fenwick

More e-mails:

"Say of them what you will, you have to admit they really nailed it..... He's an attorney and she's an orthopedist."
-- Jeff Jacobs, IOP, again

"That Keith Richards has really gone over the top since he landed that last movie role!"
-- Susan Murray, Charleston, again

"Blast the next Whippersnapper that makes a wisecrack about my Family!"
-- June Griggs, North Charleston, again

"At least Al Parish isn't guilty of false advertising."
-- Patricia Goff

"Rumor Has It They Made Their Money in Pillaging and Looting."
-- Chris Cyran

"And to think, my Mom told me 'Crime Doesn’t Pay'. a lot she knew!!!!!"
--Victor Bruce, Columbia, SC

Keep those cards and letters coming...

Late entries that beat the deadline:

"Al Parish's well paid security force at his country estate, Le Buccaneer" -- Keith Rowland, Summerville ***

"Don't look now, but I think there's a cannon in the bedroom window..... You're going to need a bigger gun."


"Not to worry, Sir Reginald....as I hear it, it's all a big misunderstanding. The grandson took a job at Blackbaud in Charleston and between the bad phone connection and their hearing, this is their show of support."

from Jeff Jacobs, IOP

So that's everything for this week. Check back on Friday for the winners.

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