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February 23, 2007



FYI, blogger Pam Morris of Tales From The Microbial Laboratory was the first to identify the mystery entrance above: It's the doorway to what is now Joe Pasta.


Hey! Where's my beer? Doesn't the winner get a beer??? Or two???? We need prizes - we need incentives! What about a plaque or better yet...perhaps I should wear a special tiara for a day? I happen to recall seeing a few in the abode of a certain P&C employee....


OK, the proper connections are:

1C -- The bar Torch at 545 King St.
2A -- Peking Gourmet at 555 King St.
3B -- Hines Studio Architectural Art Glass at 579 King St.

The partially obscured sidewalk? Chase Furniture Company at 414 King St., which was still Chase Furniture Company at that original address when I took these pictures in February. It's empty now.

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