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  • Lowcountry Blogs is our attempt to keep up with the comings and goings of an active local blogging community. These days it's written primarily by Heather Solos of Moncks Corner Moments and administered by Dan Conover of Xark!. To have your site added to The Big Blogroll or the other lists here, e-mail us your URL, along with a one-sentence description of its focus, style, etc. Heather's e-mail: [email protected]; Dan's e-mail: [email protected].

Blog Party No. 1

  • The Group
    On Tuesday, May 16, 2006, the first large gathering of Lowcountry bloggers met in Charleston at a harbor-front bar for the Inaugural Charleston Blog Party. On the agenda: 1. Drinking; 2. Talking; 3. Posing for pictures with Windviel's incredibly cool Mustang. Photos by Janet Edens Conover

The Big Blogroll

  • 95SX All Access
    A Xanga site by "Pop Culture Tim" from radio station 95SX.
  • A Foodie in the Lowcountry
    A foodie in the Lowcountry explores, exposes (and exploits?) culinary topics.
  • A mixed up momma
    Staying sane... in His name.
  • Adam Boozer
    A local creative director's commentary on his new life in Charleston.
  • Afrogeek Mom and Dad
    Afrogeeks: Black people who love Buffy and Star Wars, who have their own folder at the comic book shop, who thought Living Color (the band, not the show) was the bomb, who always wanted to know where the black elves were in D&D. And now they have kids.
  • Agricola
    A politically oriented blog by a conservative Charleston native.
  • Al Forno
    A witty food blog.
  • Ashcan Rantings
    Charles and Leah share what is on their minds.
  • Ask Elsa
    The public editor at The P&C talks about fairness, ethics, and anything else readers want to know about their newspaper.
  • Audubon South Carolina
    A blog by "Swampy," a.k.a. Mark Musselman, the director of education at the Audubon Center of the Francis Beidler Forest. The blog has an environmental focus and documents whatever strikes his fancy during the work day.
  • Baxter sez...
    An eclectic general-interest blog by "a professional feminist" and a "white Christian Southern male."
  • Bessie Gantt's Journal
    A blog about raising triplets, which is just kind of amazing in its own right, when you consider that a mom could have time to blog while raising triplets.
  • Bill Hawkins
    The executive editor of The Post and Courier blogs at Charleston.net.
  • Blogus Maximus
    A local programmer.
  • Blue Ion
    Life and work inside a local creative Web development firm.
  • Brand Bandits
    Podcast on marketing, public relations, and branding.
  • Brian's Blog
    ABC 4 weatherman Brian Goode.
  • By the Sea
    An attractive blog by a local health care worker.
  • Carolina Dreamz
    a taste of salt on the Carolina shore
  • Catherine Cam
    A video blog by Catherine from Mount Pleasant.
  • Chad Norman
    Photo-heavy personal blog by Chad Norman.
  • Charleston Chow
    Holly Herrick's weekly journal of the latest and greatest in Charleston, SC area world of food and restaurants and restaurant reviews/overviews.
  • Charleston Chronicles
    Dave writes about his life and friends.
  • Charleston City Paper Blogs
    Find all your Charleston City Paper Blogs under one handy link.
  • Charleston LiveJournal Community
    A community blog. Pass along news. Ask a question. Get answers.
  • Charleston magazine - Society Blog
    Ida Becker keeps up with the social scene.
  • Charleston magazine - Style File
    Fashion and style from Charleston magazine Style Editor Ayoka Lucas. Lucas also has a second Style blog that she keeps up for Charleston Weddings magazine.
  • Charleston SquareFeet
    Local real estate news from Chris Anderson.
  • Charleston Tour Guide Bitch Blog
    written by Mark Jones as a place to vent about the tourist industry in Charleston.
  • Charleston Watch
    This site is serious business: People keeping close tabs on city government and making sure their neighbors stay informed. Yes, it's a blog, but it's also citizen journalism.
  • CharlestonGirl
    Tells the tale of a Lowcountry woman, massage therapist, tour guide, newlywed, student, trying to keep all the plates spinning at once!
  • Choose Charleston
    Local writer and photographer JAZ takes a closer look at the people, places, and ideas that are reshaping the South Carolina Lowcountry in the 21st Century.
  • Christianary1
    A Charleston Christian woman.
  • Chuckography
    A retired media guy and Charleston native tries his hand at a new medium.
  • College of Charleston Student Government Assoc.
    A blog to enable communication between students, the Student Government Association, and the administration.
  • Connelly Confusion: A day in the life
    Focused mostly on family and friends - preppy and witty - with an edge!
  • Conover on media
    One of the early blogs by the co-founder of Lowcountry Blogs. Its focus: Longer posts on media topics as a means to prevent cluttering-up other people's comments sections.
  • Cosmopolitan Charlestonian
    Eclectic Charlestonians on life in the Holy City. American viewpoints, opinion & provocative thoughts from the Eastside.
  • Czuk's Corner
    A local nurse and Book Crosser.
  • Dave Moulton's Bike Blog
    A wicked-good bicycle blog by a British-born framebuilder who also happens to be a novelist.
  • Dragonmount: Robert Jordan's Blog
    Charleston novelist Robert Jordan's blog in the online community inspired by his "Wheel of Time" series.
  • Eat
    A Charleston City Paper foodie blog by Jeff Allen.
  • Fantasy Mashup
    Fantasy football coverage, commentary, conversation and cartoons from Dan and Janet of Xark.
  • Feedback File
    A Charleston City Paper music blog by T. Ballard Lesemann.
  • Feminists for Colbert
    Women's and Gender Studies at the College of Charleston LOVES Stephen Colbert. Why? Not only is he a Charleston, SC native, but how great was his segment with Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda
  • Floss religiously
    Dental student on life, dreams, religion, education, and good BBQ.
  • Francis X. Archibald
    A South Carolina citizen on issues great and small.
  • Friday 5
    A Charleston.net blog for The P&C's feature section Friday 5 .
  • From the Buckle of the Bible Belt
    The thoughts of a damned Yankee sitting in the belly button of the Ol’ South.
  • Fun & Games
    The blog component of Dan Conover's Fun & Games page in Friday's Post and Courier.
  • Gene's Public Domain
    A lively Charleston woman blogs candidly about her struggle with cancer.
  • GeoffTech
    A London blogger moves to Charleston.
  • Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity
    Generalized social commentary on the world around us from the perspective of a transplant living in the Lowcountry.
  • GMLc
    The Good Morning Lowcountry column, now in convenient blog form.
  • Go Green Charleston
    Local news and information on environmental issues. A platform to encourage those who are unfamiliar to the green movement to learn, share, and act.
  • Golden Loving Knitter
    A knitting blog by a woman who also loves golden retrievers.
  • Gone To Carolina
    A couple from California moves across the continent.
  • Happy Day Dead Fish
    i'm the wife of jim and the mother of ellie and ben. my quest: to live the life with god in today's world.
  • Heartless Gamer
    A C-17A crewchief out at CAFB writes sharp, detailed posts about gaming.
  • Heather & Chopper's Wonderful World of. . .
    Heather and Chopper blog about life and their hedgehogs.
  • Holy City, Batman!
    An upcoming events blog by Sara Miller, the Charleston City Paper's listings editor.
  • Home Ec 101
    What You Wish Your Mama Taught You. One of the partners in this venture is Heather Solos of Moncks Corner Moments.
  • Hormonal Pregnant Woman
    The title says it all.
  • Humanitarian Causes - United for Humanity
    A "one stop place" for people to list and find humanitarian causes for the people by the people!
    Commentary on the latest video games and news that interests him (and maybe you!)
  • I'm just F.I.N.E.
    Telling about what it's like to work on recovering from the affects of alcoholism through Al-Anon
  • Imablog
    A Canadian transplant.
  • I’m not drunk enough for this
    Another Charleston blogger.
  • James & Katy Moffitt
    A "Christ- and family-oriented blog" from a family of four in Goose Creek.
  • Jared W. Smith: The Blog
    A young IT pro with a book already under his belt.
  • Kallure
    A young Charleston woman blogs and photographs her friends.
  • Keller's Kards
    Off-kilter greeting cards, doodles and commentary.
  • Kinney Kids
    A mom writes about her family and church.
  • Kittens on the Keyboard
    JanetLee blogs about politics, culture and two photogenic cats.
  • Leigh Webber Photography
    Not just another wedding photographer.
  • Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness
    A soon-to-be Foreign Service Specialist whose greatest desire is to make this world a better place for everyone.
  • Local 843
    A LinkCharleston blog focusing on current local events.
  • LoriFitz
    An employee at Seacoast on general life topics.
  • Lowcountry Blogroll
    A "blog planet" that automatically collects posts by local bloggers, created by local bloggers Eugene Mah and Brian Muller.
  • Lowcountry dog blog
    Gotta dog? Here's yer blog.
  • Mama Grizzly
    A Lowcountry Mama of 2 great kids, wife to a wonderful husband and father talks about parenting and life around us.
  • Michael Douglas Smith Blog
    A tech and sports entrepreneur's personal blog.
  • Microfamous
    A local writer/editor, etc.
  • Miller's Place
    A single male blogger in Charleston.
  • Moncks Corner Moments
    Eclectic personal blog from Berkeley County features photography, links to the author's photo site.
  • Monsoon Cantina
    Local creative couple with a baby and a camera.
  • Mossy's World of Animals
    My name is Moss and I'm a fourth grader in South Carolina. This is my new blog dedicated to educating people about animals.
  • Mustang Rolling
    One of the most focused of local blogs, this one features photographs of the author's beloved Ford Mustang taken at various places. A mini-travelogue with each post!
  • My McClellanville
    A community news blog covering the charming village northeast of Charleston.
  • Needles Hooks and Yarn
    The blog of the Crafters Fantasy Football League, a fantasy football league composed of knitters and other crafters.
  • New Wars
    Conservative views on politics and international affairs.
  • Nom de plume The 'Poetress' - Binding Ink
    A local writer. Her motto: "Born to Write; Forced to Work."
  • Notes on Marketing & Communications
    Rawle Murdy Chairman David Rawle's blog.
  • Notoriously Nice Mike
    A well-known local blogger who lives up to his nickname.
  • OldController
    A retired Air Force officer and Realtor with lots of pets and conservative opinions.
  • On Assignment
    A Charleston.net blog for Post and Courier journalists on the road for stories.
  • Once Upon a Time...
    A twentysomething Webbie from San Diego moves to Goose Creek.
  • One voice out of billions
    The blog of MUSC's uber-techie.
  • OPP Blog
    Keep up with the folks at Organic Process Productions as they take their films, books and art around the country.
  • OUTloud in South Carolina
    A blog devoted to political issues from the perspective of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered communities.
  • Paint Charleston Daily
    This blog is forum on art, creativity, plein air, and daily painting by Charleston artist, Katherine M Schneider who paints daily and posts frequently.
  • Palmetto Ramblings
    State/Local politics from the perspective of a 24 year-old, plus posts about the "shrimp and grits" of Lowcountry life from time-to-time.
  • Pat and Kathie
    Bicoastal twins share their notes and thoughts about anything and everything.
  • Patrick L Archibald
    Patrick L Archibald's photos of Charleston, SC, and beyond.
  • Patrick's Place
    A blog that combines multiple older blogs and themes, written a local TV producer/writer with diverse interests.
  • Peninsula Media Online Gallery and Happenings
    A series of photo essays taken by a Lowcountry resident. It include galleries from local events and travels abroad.
  • Pork and Whiskey
    From The Rev. Big Dumb Chimp: "Recipes, beer and whiskey reviews, restaurant reviews and basically anything I feel is pork worthy."
  • Press Time
    A news and general interest blog by Greg Hambrick, a staff writer at The Charleston City Paper.
  • Ravenel Rachel's Blog
    A garden-heavy blog by a Ravenel resident who moved here from Chicago.
  • Rev. BigDumbChimp
    A personal blog by Big Dumb Chimp.
  • Ron's Musings
    Conservative opinion and commentary.
  • Rotten Oysters
    A foodie blog that bites back.
  • Sangaree Connection
    Community information and networking.
  • Satya's blog
    A local programmer.
  • Seacoast Church Blog
    One of the Lowcountry's largest non-denominational congregations, spread over multiple campuses, uses blogs to keep everybody in touch.
  • Shadow of Diogenes
    General-interest blog by a poet/photographer/Clemson fan.
  • Signal 46
    Emergency dispatch from the inside.
  • Smoke Free Action Network
    This is a news source for all people who want to make South Carolina smoke free. Many cities have already enacted legislation on this issue, now it's time for the whole state to go smoke free.
  • Sofa King
    A Summerville man on life and gaming.
  • South Carolina Autism Insurance Bill
    A blog about efforts to pass a particular piece of legislation.
  • South Carolina Photography Guild
    News and forums for photographers.
  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
    The Wappoo Road church's spot for global fellowship and mission on the Web; Pastor Spike Coleman, blogger.
  • Stones In My Passway
    A current-events oriented blog from a twentysomething artist and writer.
  • Storm Watch
    A special coverage blog from The Post and Courier that "wakes up" when severe tropical weather threatens the Carolinas.
  • Sun and Moon Sorcery
    A conservative Wiccan writes about health, life and religion.
  • SunnieFaerie
    A blog focused on the antics and gripes about life with a husband and four children in West Ashley.
  • Surry Labradors' Blog
    Ooooooo! PUPPIES!!!!
  • Sándor 7
    Rockin' Chucktown since double ought five
  • Tales from the Microbial Laboratory
    Science. Gardening. Politics. Humor. Art. Poetry.
  • Tartelette aux USA
    Helene is a baker three days a week, a personal trainer three days a week, has a master's degree in history and is a French woman married to an American man. Guaranteed to make you hungry.
  • The Back Channel
    The Charleston City Paper's omniblog has morphed nicely into a daily feed of the latest posts from the outfit's growing stable of staff-written special topic blogs.
  • The Birds and Fishes
    As the Curator of Birds and Fishes out at Cypress Gardens, and a huge fan of it too, I decided there should be a site about the weekly world of animal care. I hope to educate, enlighten and maybe add a laugh to your day.
  • The Blogland of Earl Capps
    Various topics, but here's a blogger who not only writes about politics, he does some of his own reporting.
  • The Bushido Way
    An entertaining mix of politics, sports and some kind of special sauce. Big on baseball.
  • The Chase is On
    A Charleston City Paper blog by writer Jessica Chase.
  • The Chip Mathis Experience
    General interest blog with a conservative bent.
  • The Column, reloaded
    Former journalist/columnist and Charleston resident Eric Pulsifer comments on news in his adopted home town, plus other news of interest.
  • The Crescent
    A local man blogs the remodeling of his 1908 Carolina cottage.
  • The Daily Meds
    P&C medical beat reporter Holly Auer extends her coverage to the Web.
  • The Extra Point
    LinkCharleston's sports blog by John Strubel.
  • The Financial Philosopher
    Investment talk from a financial professional.
  • The Fowler Blog
    Count on 2's Rob Fowler.
  • The G View
    Gay reviews on today's products and news.
  • The Gates of Academe
    The Prodigal Student on college and study.
  • The Land of Ozz
    A Christian conservative father from Goose Creek who works as a network security engineer.
  • The Newsless Courier
    A blog devoted to watchdogging The Post and Courier, with particular interest paid to education coverage.
  • The painted band-aid box
    A paramedic and photographer.
  • The Past Is Not Over
    considers the present effects of the past on our culture in areas such as politics and the media. It's more contemplative than the former, although sometimes just as opinionated.
  • The Scratching Post
    An author, filmmaker, actor and musician blogging from the Holy City.
  • The Spoleto Buzz
    The Charleston City Paper's Spoleto blog.
  • The Super Rog Files
    A man from North Charleston writes about his life and beliefs.
  • The Truffula Seed
    A blog by Charleston City Paper writer Stratton Lawrence.
  • The Watts Line
    Judy Watts, executive editor of The Summerville Journal-Scene, revives her popular P&C column as a Web-only blog feature.
  • Theo Moore
    A local programmer.
  • There Is Already a Dog Named Stella
    An Air Force pilot stationed here.
  • ThinkSouth
    Progressive Southern politics.
  • Tofu
    A local programmer.
  • Too Much Information
    A Charleston City Paper blog by Editor Stephanie Barna.
  • TracePupke.com
    A blog by Seacoast Church's IT director.
  • Unscripted
    An arts blog by Patrick Sharbaugh, The Charleston City Paper's arts editor.
  • Vera's Crafty Blog
    The adventures of an obsessed Lowcountry knitter and crocheter
  • Walk This Way
    A good-natured woman with a camera goes for walks around Charleston and photographs the details that other miss. A chatty, popular blog. More photos at the author's Radcliffebytes blog.
  • Well Mannered Frivolity
    Adventures in educating 5 children at home.
  • Wesley Boling words and photos
    A College of Charleston student.
  • whapadang!
    Observations from a fledgling parent in Charleston, SC.
  • What Have We Been Up to Today?
    A personal blog by Becky of James Island.
  • Where no one knows your name
    An MUSC student
  • Wicked Winter
    Stories are how we make sense of our lives, relate to one another, and find common ground. WW is an exploration of myth and meaning through the art of storytelling.
  • Xark
    A general-interest group blog with an emphasis on liberal politics, media, religion and doodles.
  • Ya Damn Pastry Chef
    A Charleston chef writes from the inside on the local restaurant scene.

Beaufort Blogs

Around the state


SC media blogs

  • Postscripts
    The page where we index staff blogs at Charleston.net, and the eventual home of this blog.
  • craigslist: charleston
    Not a blog, not a local media site, not really anything that falls into a clean category. The local version of Craig Newmark's famous San Francisco-based list.
  • Brad Warthen's Blog
    Editorial writer Brad Warthen of The State writes one of the best-read media-backed blogs in South Carolina.
  • Spoleto Buzz
    The Charleston City Paper's Spoleto blog.
  • Spoletoblog
    The Post and Courier's blog devoted to the Spoleto USA arts festival. Seasonal.
  • Ask Elsa
    Elsa McDowell, public editor of The Post and Courier, answers questions about the paper and journalism.
  • Bill Hawkins
    The Post and Courier's executive editor's blog.
  • Good Morning Lowcountry
    The Post and Courier's quirky inside-local column blogs through the working day at least five days a week.
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