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  • There is no shortage of questions swirling around what we do and what passes for journalism these days. I am hoping to use this blog to deal with some of those questions and foster a dialogue, ideally civil, about The Post and Courier, Charleston.net and our coverage of the Lowcountry.
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August 31, 2006



Bill, the beauty of blogging coverage of a storm is the LACK of hysterics. Not TV's shouting "an end of civilization as we know it " hype, just the facts. Lots and lots of facts that I can choose to look over if and when I wish. Without cranked-up volume.

And the viewpoints are diverse from a cute little Isle of Palms kid on a balcony to updated weather maps every 20 minutes to "Walk This Way" snapshots of coeds boating on a downtown city street.

Bloggers are encouraged by the attention your paper gives us. It's a nice two-way street. Thanks!


Chuck, you’re absolutely right about both the lack of hysterics and the two-way street. This whole drill was a real breakthrough, I believe, because it gave people not only the best source for news about the storm, but also a way to escape the total inanity of the television reporting. How many people do you suppose clicked off their sets when a TV reporter at Gov. Sanford’s press conference hit him with this riveting question: “Governor, how do you think the weather will be this weekend? Cheers.

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