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March 26, 2008



All very helpful, you smart man. However, some of us are dealing with riding lawnmower monsters and are, as you may remember, tool challenged. Any feedback on doing all of that on a "lawn tractor?" Do you flip those suckers on their backs or what?


Here's the general thing to remember: Any time you flip something that has a gas tank, there's a good chance you'll be spilling gasoline out the gas cap. Which is generally a no-no.

So a couple of thoughts:

1. If you've got a small ride-on (plus enough muscle to tilt it) and all you really need to do is hose any debris out of the mowing deck after you finish the yard, you can tilt it up just a bit, put a prop under it (cinderblock, 2x4, etc.), and then spray the underside from a low angle.

2. If you need to do anything more than that -- such as removing the blade for sharpening -- then you need to remove the mowing deck. There are multiple kinds, but the popular ones are located under the lawn tractor and can be raised and lowered.

Anyway, the safe thing is to follow the book and remove the deck, which can then be turned any which way without worrying about spilling lubes and fuel, etc.

My best piece of advice? Don't cut a damp or wet lawn. If your grass is relatively dry, it won't clump up and stick to the interior of the deck.

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