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April 12, 2007



Can't really offer suggestions as I agree with everything you posted. For the 60s, my gut reaction was for 1963, primarily for the Kennedy assassination, but that's the only place I would disagree at all. End of the Cold War, end of the Soviet Union and 9/11 were all slam dunks for me. My knowledge of the 70s is pretty pathetic.


1976, the year of the Bicentennial, was a key year for me.

Maybe it was the red, white, and blue everywhere, the fireworks, or just the summer heat, but something put it in my head that summer to start paying attention.

Granted, I was just a rugrat running the streets with sparklers in each hand back then, but somehow that was the first time in my life that it occurred to me that there was something out there to pay attention to.


1968 is the most significant year of the last 50.


1968 would not have been possible without 1964, which saw the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which opened the door for large-scale US intervention in Viet Nam, which lead to 1968 and the birth of "consciousness" so adored by the progressives. And, of course, the Tonkin Incident was a nice piece of fiction which gave LBJ the cover to advance his military plans. JFK would never have allowed that to happen, IMHO. I think '64 is the watershed year.


Hmmm. What's more significant: the watershed moment when the potential is created, or the moment of realization, when the potential is expressed?

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