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February 26, 2007



Sorry to say I missed going there before it closed but one of the best named coffee shops was Black Tar.


I would say Kudos but I am a tea drinker and we could use a good cozy tea shop.


Kudu is definitely the best coffee shop around Charleston. You can't beat their beautiful enclosed courtyard and they always have great music on. They even support an African nonprofit and have a store that benefits them next door. I just wish it was bigger!

Another new coffee spot is City Lights on Market St. It's very European and their exspresso is wonderful.

For you tea drinkers, try Teavana. So many choices, and the staff will find your favorite one for you! They also have a little courtyard in the back.


Java Java in Freshfields, Kiawah is great. Wonderful coffees, pastries, internet, chess, wine and classy owners. It doesn't get any better than this!




Muddy Waters is the best thing in Charleston. They have wonderful espresso, friendly staff and fun stuff such as massage happy hour on thursday. It really just doesn't get any better.


Kudu Coffee - 4 Vanderhorst Street - is by far the best coffee shop in the greater Charleston area. Beautiful decor, a relaxing patio, an amazing staff, poetry readings, live bands, hand selected coffees by the owner who brings a part of Africa back to the US, there is no doubt Kudu is where it is at!


Muddy Waters is by far the best coffee shop in all of Charleston.
Actually, now that I think about it, it is probably my favorite coffee shop that I have ever experienced...and trust me I have visited my share of coffee shops all over. Moving to James Island from Winston-Salem, NC; I wasn't sure I would find a coffee shop that could compare to one I frequented in NC. Then one day, as my husband and I were driving around the island, we happened upon the friendly "Muddy Waters" coffee shop sign, and I immediately put on the breaks! After that one visit, I was hooked!! Not only is the coffee the BEST I have had!!! But, the people (Michele & George, the owners; Juliana, Jeremy, and the other staff are simply AWESOME!) and the neighborly customers are wonderful! Everyone comes in and automatically feels at home. I know I did! Not only have I enjoyed hanging out here, but have made some wonderful friends in the process. Dakota Walker, the massage therapist, is here on Thursdays for Massage Happy Hour, and she and I are great friends!
:-) So, because of this wonderful experience, I have continued to come everyday to see friends, and to drink delicious coffee, and have a yummy pastry too! One other thing....they have free WiFi! This is an awesome "perk" :-), because I work from home, and now Muddy Waters is my "office". My "home away from home", is what I call it. This truly is the best coffee shop in Charleston!! Michele & George, THANK YOU for opening this wonderful place, you really bring so much to everyone that comes through those doors. Now.....back to my refill of my favorite coffee....Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe! MMM!


You HAVE to check out the brand new Central Ave Coffee in Downtown Summerville! The owners, Mike and Pam Smith, and Kyle and Lindsay Smith, are great people, and they're really trying to cater to business people who need a home away from home. They have a printer, fax machine, and free wi-fi for customer use! They know our needs, and will bend over backwards to meet them. How's the coffee? Freaking fantastic! And, they make some pretty awesome quiche! If you're looking for a top 5 locally owned coffee shop, you HAVE to consider Central Ave Coffee. Show Summerville some love!


I have to tell you, having known my wife as long as I have and been married to THE coffee connoisseur.....Central Avenue Coffee in Summerville has to be the cream of the crop when you refer to service and hospitality to the public. Free WiFi is huge, but to add to it copy and fax service for free is above and beyond. Oh, and let us not forget the primary purpose.....THE COFFEE. I live in Virginia Beach VA, I don't drink coffee until I go to Summerville and Central Avenue Coffee. Why? You ask....any other Coffee House pales in comparison, simple as that. So, if you like to have an amazing cup of coffee and a relaxed atmosphere with a great group of people, the Smith Family should get your attention as they did mine. Don't hesitate to check it out. The pastries, ice cream, chai, espresso, smoothies...the goes on and on.......can't wait to be in Summerville again to get over there. Top 5 is without question, more like top 2 or 3.


I'm going to have to agree... Central Avenue Coffee is a great new addition to S'ville. They have it all; great lunches (all fresh... including the best coleslaw in town!!!), Wi-Fi, great coffee, and all the specialty drinks (if you like smoothies try the APB, it is out of this world or ask Lindsay for her special smoothie!). Thank God we have somewhere to go besides the local Starbucks, which the last time I went dropped my coffee on my car and even better I don't have to hear, "Welcome to Starbucks this is Amy, Jan, Paul, Julie, Dan, Phil, Barbara, and Phillis, how may we help you", in their fake tones. We are happy to have true friendly people, who actually care about good service, food, and drinks! Central Avenue Coffee is a must try for everyone in the Lowcountry !

The Green Gator

Central Coffee in Summerville is absolutely FABULOUS! The coffee is great. It has wi-fi so I can sit and do some paperwork or use the "express-lane" for a quick cup when I'm in a hurry. The staff is always pleasant and friendly, especially the cute little blond girl. It's the best coffee house Summerville's ever had!

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