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February 26, 2007



Coconut Joe's on Isle of Palms is a fun place to go to for lunch or dinner, but it also has an eclectic and interesting breakfast menu. An added bonus is that families who might want to keep young children occupied could go for a quick beach walk for a few minutes while waiting for the food to arrive.


Charleston needs an all night diner. Not Waffle House style (yuck), but a funky place that serves it up all night long! The new Uptown Diner on King Street is pretty cool.. they have a full bar and delicious Eggs Benedict..if only they were open 24hrs!


Not 24/7, but the best places for breakfast here, IMHO, are Marie Levaux's and Hominy Grill, the former for shrimp and crayfish etoufee and the later for shrimp and grits with banana bread. Not cheap, but good. The Marina used to be good, but I haven't found them up to par lately, although their grits are still the best.

If you are carbo loading for the Bridge run, the praline pancakes at Marie Laveaux's is the best in town: thick and tasty. Chicory coffee is also an option there.


A great place for breakfast is the Great American Grill on James Island on the corner of Maybank and Folly Road. Watch for it, though, it's in a bit of a corner in the Pig Shopping Center. It's a small family-owned and operated restaurant that serves breakfast >all day<. Pancakes for dinner; I know that makes me happy. It's relatively new and I think everybody should go out and support their business! It def. beats Waffle House any day!

My personal favorite is Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I know, simple, right? But delicious. And HUGE. You're getting your money's worth. But if Pancakes aren't your cup of tea, there's a ton of other items on the breakfast menu: egg wraps, omelets, waffles. : )


Pappy's in Hanahan. Good breakfast 24 hours, reasonable prices and still smoker friendly!!!!!

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