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  • There is no shortage of questions swirling around what we do and what passes for journalism these days. I am hoping to use this blog to deal with some of those questions and foster a dialogue, ideally civil, about The Post and Courier, Charleston.net and our coverage of the Lowcountry.
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June 22, 2006



OK Bill, now it's official. You have not posted for a MONTH.

I read the other day that The PandC now could be read online, and viewers could see a page at a time.

I envisioned an electronic page format, showing "above the fold" positioning (or not); the actual photos and captions; the ads that were on that page. Further, I assumed you could click on the article you want to read and it is enlarged. Or the ad. Or the photo and caption.

The article said there would be no charge for this new service, at least until the end of August.

Where do I go to find all this? Apparently not by clicking charleston.net. Please clue me in. Thanks.


Sorry for the sustained absence, but glad someone noticed. If you look at today's Charleston.net, you will notice a box on the right of the main article advising you to check out our e-edition. That will take you right there. Let me know what you think.

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